The school acknowledges the need for safe passage for each child and the safety of our students is of paramount to us. To ensure safe travel to the school and back home, the school has its own fleet of school buses. The school buses are designed and maintained as per the standards prescribed by the appropriate authority. The buses are manned by trained and experienced drivers. For supervision and monitoring, a female and a male attendant remain on board throughout the journey. The personnel present in the bus have been trained and sensitised to address the needs of children.
The buses are equipped with CCTV cameras and GPS to keep track of the bus during school hours. The school has also provided mobile phones in each bus to ensure better communication in case of emergencies. Besides ensuring the implementation of safety norms, the staff on the bus is well trained in first aid and emergency management.
At present, the school provides home pick and drop facility to the students from class nursery to class XIIth. Apart from safety and comfort of students, a high degree of discipline is maintained in the bus.